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The services offered by WOW Computers support are best and they will give you online assistance by best technicians to resolve any type of issue with computers, laptops, printers and other devices. Their team consist of the large workforce who can assist you by a simple phone call and will helps you identify

your problem by the use of an online remote control that gives them the knowledge about the actual problem and accordingly provides a solution. Just dial WOW Computer supports number and gets the perfect solution for your problem.

Normally, all these features come separately for a regular, complicated computer. What more you need. The WOW! Computer offers you with the most important programs and services in a very clean, simple package. It brings the internet at your fingertips along with all the sites you know like Google, Facebook and others. You will easily get lost in all the options and menus available. It gives our senior citizen the ease and the confidence to surf the internet. Overly, we can say that it offers a machine that helps in no-hassle, easy-as-precomputing experience for people, mostly seniors, who don't have much interest in learning the traditional PCs. WOW! the computer is just wow that has a customized interface that launches a limited number of basic tasks, and a vast number of applications to complete these tasks.

Wow support number

Wow Computers

Wow support number


Are you in search of a computer for seniors? Are you tired of continuously being a tech support for your older, less computer savvy relatives? Well! We have a perfect solution for you. Yes, you heard it right. Just go to WOW! Computer for seniors, which is very easy to use computer loaded with all features that seniors require to feel good at home in the digital age. A first time user will easily learn using computer

As we all know computers are made to make our life simpler, but with ages, they have become so complicated that they are not worth the trouble. Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to figure out where you are with all "pointing and clicking" and "dragging and dropping". Along with that, you have to remain constantly worried about viruses, spams and other such problems. But with WOW! Computer, you will become free of this kind of problems. It has a simple design and is user-friendly. It is designed keeping in view the senior citizens and less computer savvy persons. WOW! the computer brings the world at your fingertips. After buying when you will bring the computer home and open the box, from that moment you can feel the difference. All the components are connected, the only thing you have to do is plug in the power cord and your high-speed internet connection. It is just easy to use, easy to set up and easy to read.

WOW! The computer is  like "for Boomers and Beyond". The operating system on which it runs is Linux operating system and it comes with touchscreen capabilities. Because of Linux operating system, it is free from virus related problems and offers a more secure computing environment. They provide an extra measure of safety and security, by offering server-side virus protection.

Lets now discuss in details about WOW Computers Number features

1.Easy reading touchscreens& keyboard along with high-quality speakers

WOW! Computer is built with 1920*1080 high definition and high-resolution touchscreen monitor having a clear image, with big buttons easy use by a touch of a fingertip. The big bright touchscreen is very easy to see and the push button navigation makes getting around a snap. This is a high help for people suffering from arthritis, who find it difficult using the mouse and keyboard. For them, they can easily use just by touching the icons and doing whatever they want. It comes with large printed keyboard and mouse. Then for better visibility of heard to read areas, there is an on-screen magnifier that will easily zoom. Furthermore, unlike other computers, the stereo speakers are built in the front that helps in easy hearing.

2.Unique design that offers safe computing

Wow! Computer comes with a customized Linux operating system, that helps in preventing download of executable files, fewer chances of computer viruses and other harmful software's that comes into the system. This means that the computer has built-in security software. Along with that, there is the option of automatic update and back up. There is no requirement for user maintenance.

3.Additional features

WOW! Computer is simply loaded with many other features like video chat, email and calendar. Along with that, you will get digital photo frame screensaver and many built-in games like Mahjong and solitaire.

3.Product information

Wow! Computers possess a screen size of 22 inches. It has 2,4 GHz Intel Celeron D processor and 2GB SDRAM DDr3 RAM. The capacity of the hard drive is 32 GB.It has 802.11 big wireless type with 4 USB 2.0 ports.

Wow! Services

Wow VIP Support

VIP support

One of the most important features is the VIP customer support that comes with WOW Computers. It offers a free lifetime basic support, unlike another brand. To keep your computer run well, it helps in simplifying your tasks and services. It is backed by a very friendly and full of patience US-based staff, who may sometimes help you in solving your own problem, on your own screen. It helps you by:

Helping technically by Email

Helps in using all programs j

Assist in maintaining programs and fixes the bug.

Easy contact through email and toll-free phone.

Remote access help from US-based staff

Offers automatic backup of files and settings