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Would you want to meet the WOW! Computers? or r u wondering what is the speciality of this WOW! Computer? Well! as its name suggests, it is a computer designed for our senior citizens or the beginners. It is an easy to use a computer having all features that will make our senior citizens feel comfortable to use at home in this digital age. Most of our computers are designed for individuals having knowledge of computers or are used to it. But WOW! Computers, they are configured in such a way that, anybody who has never touched a computer before can easily use it.

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WOW Email Support

The most important feature that comes with WOW! The computer is free lifetime basic support. This feature is not given by any other computer companies. WOW! The computer offers a VIP support plan that helps in simplifying almost all of your tasks and services that are required for your system to keep running. It is much more than technical support. It also offers training on demand titled How to do something. The staff are highly patient and customer friendly, who will show you how to carry out a task in your own screen. The only thing you have to do is calling WOW! Computer phone number. Now let's have a look at what all support comes under VIP support plan:

Personalized Features (per user account)

WOW Email - with our built-in email client, there's no need to remember a email username and password each time, users can access their own personal email account with one touch of button! Works with all major email servers.

WOW Photos - Users can manage & edit their photos (either from email or camera cards). Additionally, it can have a direct connection to Facebook photos, so their family & friends' photo albums load automatically.

WOW Video Chat - with our built-in Skype application, users can talk face-to-face with any of their Skype contacts worldwide with 3 touches... Free!

wow Address Book - in one convenient location, users can store all their important contact information. Easily add or import contacts into Telikin's Address book.

WOW Calendar - Telikin's interactive calendar allows families to schedule, manage and share events. It's easy to set up appointments, keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, and receive reminders to keep organized.

WOW News - users can view their own personally selected news sources. They can tailor the source and types of stories seen on the Home page. All the news they want, right at their fingertips!


Key Features available with OR without an account

Games - built-in games allow users to improve eye-hand coordination and memory skills or just have fun. Use our many built-in games or choose from thousands of online (free or paid) versions.

Web Browsing - quickly and simply surf the web, using a powerful Firefox browser that's fully flash compatible. Our Quick Links allow one touch access to many of the web's most popular sites. Any site can be viewed and bookmarked.

Sprint CapTel - hearing impaired users can make calls to whomever they wish, using any phone and read what their caller is saying, and not on a small phone screen, but on a large Telikin display.

DVD Player - users can watch their favorite movies in full screen mode, with simple touch screen controls.

CD Player - users can play CDs, and in background mode, listen while surfing the web, emailing, writing documents or viewing photos.

Home Screen - get a quick overview of what's happening in the world. It displays the day, date and time, key news articles, weather, personalized notices, quotes and trivia.

Giving technical help through Email and phone

How to use all programs by giving video examples.

Fixing bug and maintenance of program

You will have easy access to US-based support staff

Offers a safe and secure package by giving protection.

Help from US staff remotely get help now

Help in making back up your files and videos

24/7 Toll Free Helpline number and chat support

Get WOW Customer service at one place for all products and service


24/7 Helpline number

WOW Computer VIP Support is the best way to get the most out of your Telikin computer. VIP Support Members get remote access help from our 100% US Based Tech Support Team to teach them how to use the computer. Additionally, with Wow VIP Support, you get online backup of files and documents on your Telikin.